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“The universe of Savin Couelle is a world where the imperfect does not exist, everything must strive for perfection to get the most out of each element. Everything has its reason for being”.

The poet Jacques Prévert said of architect Couelle: “His architecture is a form of poetry“.


Nice to meet you, we are Elena and Federico.

From the first days of life we breathe the air of Cervinia: our parents taught us how to love this corner of paradise; Federico’s mother, the teacher of the village, transmitted all the traditions to us and with her great sensitivity she made us know the beating heart of this place. Dr. Maquignaz (Federico’s dad) has been for years the general practitioner and orthopedist of all and for all.

Elena’s traditions, on the other hand, come from the hotel industry: five generations of hoteliers preceded her and her parents built the Hotel Hermitage in 1974... today the generation continues the business.

Elena’s father, who is passionate about these places, introduced her to all the herbs and plants.

After their studies Federico and Elena run successfully the “Capriccio” restaurant for 16 years in Cervinia. During this period Federico contributed with great enthusiasm to the administration of the village and still today he is the president of the Cervino golf club (the only 18-hole course in Aosta Valley). In 2000 he opened another restaurant on the slopes which he managed for 11 years.

In these years the dream of creating the Saint Hubertus Resort was born: the name derives from the patron saint of hunters. Great grandparents, grandparents, fathers, Federico and Filippo: everybody in the family share the same passion.

The desire to create a unique resort led us to find a brilliant architect, Savin Couelle, who designed awonderful plan and followed the construction step by step with us.

Our sons Filippo and Margherita help us and share with us this wonderful project.

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